What is an eBook?

An eBook is not a hard copy book. It is an electronic version of a book
that is sent directly to your computer through your email. Your ebook
will be in PDF format and will open once you have installed Adobe
Acrobat on your computer. Before you try to open your book, make
sure you have this installed. It's FREE! Go to our home page for a link
to install it or go to www.adobe.com to download it from there. The
advantage to an eBook is it is almost instant-no waiting for the mail
to arrive!!

What is copy work?

Copywork is copying a piece of well-written work, from any variety of
sources, onto paper or into a notebook. The student copies from a
written selection using his best penmanship to create a “perfect copy”
that is properly spaced and includes all proper capitalization and
punctuation marks. It is a method, that when used consistently in your
homeschooling studies, will improve your child’s penmanship, grammar,
and punctuation skills as well as expose him to a variety of writing
styles, structures, and techniques.

What are Map Markers?

Map markers are small squares with images that your student
places on a world map with sticky tac. This process helps to cement
in your child's mind where events in history took place. For
instance, The Map Marker with the image of the Cold War would
be placed on the USSR (Russia) to help your child remember that
the Cold War involved his own country and the USSR.
Frequently Asked Questions