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A Journey Through Learning is owned by two home schooling
moms (like yourself) who enjoy teaching their own children and who
take the business of teaching our children very seriously.

We are the #1 place for Unit Studies and Copy Work for home
schooled elementary and middle school students.

Let us tell you about our products!

Unit Studies-Our unit studies are complete!

A Journey Through Learning unit studies come with an information
page for each topic written at a level your child will understand. Each
topic has an activity for your child to complete to extend
understanding. Each topic has vocabulary  words underlined so that
your child can see them in context. At the back of the unit study are
vocabulary sheets where your child can write the definition of the
vocabulary words. We use actual photo images when possible!

Copy Work-Our copy work comes in many different handwriting

A Journey Through Learning copy work is a cut above the rest.
Why? We have several different styles of handwriting to choose
from: Bob Jones, Abeka, Handwriting Without Tears, Getty-Dubay
Italics and D'Nealian. You can request manuscript or cursive in any
of these. So not only will your child learn spelling,  grammar, and
punctuation but he/she can do it in the handwriting that they are
familiar with! Many of our copy work books will correlate with a unit
study that we offer. So for each topic in the unit study, your child will
have a copy work page to do.

Games-Fun stuff that will cement new information and make your
child smile!

A Journey Through Learning games are educational and hands-on.
Our games correlate to our unit studies. All children love games!
These will make a nice reward for a job well done during or after
completion the unit study. Shhhhh!!! Don't tell the kids they will
actually be learning!
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Check back often! We are working on new products everyday!

Coming soon:
An Overview of the 19th Century Unit Study, Copy Work, Games
An Overview of the 18th Century Unit Study, Copy Work, Games
Patriotic Unit Study, Copy Work, Games
Presidents Copy Work

A Journey Through Learning
Unit Studies and Copy Work for Home Schoolers